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We stream our Sunday worship gatherings live on Facebook each week at 10am.  Click here to go to our Facebook page. If you aren't able to join us in person, we'd love for you to join us through the help of technology.  We do encourage you to come and be a part of the gathered people of God as there's something truly significant in being present with others, seeing each other face to face.

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If you are a guest, please do not feel obligated to participate in the offering. This is an opportunity for regular attendees who consider LovingtonNaz their church home to support the ministries of the church.

Given so far this month: $2800

Given in June: $7500

Monthly GOAL: $12,000

What's Happening

Love Lived Out! The Spirit is at work transforming lives! What's God up to in your life? Are you aware? What's YOUR Story?

Prayer Requests:

MANY unspoken requests.  We invite you to share with someone the struggles, the questions, the concerns, the pain you might be experiencing.  Life is often lonely, but when we are able to come to a place where we can be open and vulnerable with someone else, God begins to restore and heal those situations because God is at work through his body - the CHURCH - THE PEOPLE of GOD!

Tiffany's moving

Pastoral Search is beginning

Miranda and Kenny and beginning of their marriage

Jonie Marquez: brain surgery recovery

Eliana Swisher

Jared Stephens

Alberto Alba

Hal Graham, John's brother who had heart surgery and is experiencing complications

Jessica (Cancer)

Marjie Embry - strength and continued Joy!

Sara Quickel and family

Cindy Anderson

Refugee Situation around the world.

People experiencing terror.  
   ---- Those causing terror that they would be transformed!

David Reed's Mom

Jaron, Elizabeth and Quentin: Ministry in NZ

Fothergills (Gavin, Jill, Macy and Connor): Ministry in Africa

White Kintak's in Papua New Guinea


  • SEEDS Children's Ministry
  • ROOTS Youth Ministry
  • FOOD COALITION: Ministry to the poor